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Model Year of production
Transmission type
Engine capacity
Transmission model
2.2 CL 1996-1997 4SP FWD L4 2.2L A6VA
2.3 CL 1998-1999 4SP FWD L4 2.3L B6VA
2.5 TL 1995-1998 4SP FWD L5 2.5L M1WA
3.0 CL 1996-1999 4SP FWD V6 3.0L M7ZA
3.2 CL 2001-2003 5SP FWD / 4WD V6 3.2L BGFA, MGFA
3.2 TL 1996-1998 4SP FWD V6 3.2L M5HA
3.2 TL 1999 4SP FWD V6 3.2L B7VA
3.2 TL 2000 5SP FWD V6 3.2L M7WA
3.2 TL 2001-2003 5SP FWD V6 3.2L B7WA
3.5 RL 1996-2004 4SP FWD V6 3.5L M5DA
CDX 2016-2018 8SP FWD / 4WD L4 1.5L -
CDX 2018 7SP FWD L4 1.5L -
CSX 2006-2012 5SP FWD / 4WD L4 2.0 MPMA
EL 1997-2005 4SP FWD L4 1.6L 1.7L BMXA, A4RA, SLXA
ILX 2012-2014 5SP FWD L4 2.0L M9DA
ILX 2015-2018 8SP FWD L4 2.4L M4JA
ILX HYBRID 2012-2014 CVT FWD L4 1.5L S9FA
INTEGRA 1990 4SP FWD L4 1.8L R0
INTEGRA 1991-1993 4SP FWD L4 1.8L MPRA
INTEGRA 1994-1999 4SP FWD L4 1.8L MP7A, SP7A, S4XA
INTEGRA 2000-2001 4SP FWD L4 1.8L SKWA
LEGEND 1990 4SP FWD V6 2.7L PL5X
LEGEND 1991-1995 4SP FWD V6 2.7L 3.2L MPYA
MDX 2001-2002 5SP 4WD V6 3.5L MGHA, BGHA
MDX 2003-2004 5SP 4WD V6 3.5L MDKA
MDX 2005-2006 5SP 4WD V6 3.5L BDKA
MDX 2007-2009 5SP 4WD V6 3.7L BYFA
MDX 2010-2013 6SP 4WD V6 3.7L MT4A
MDX 2013-2017 6SP FWD / 4WD V6 3.5L PJ7A, PJ8A
MDX 2014-2018 9SP FWD / 4WD V6 3.5L 9HP48
MDX 2016-2018 7SP 4WD V6 3.0L F-DCT, K7A350, K7X350
NSX 1991-2005 4SP RWD V6 3.0L MR9A
NSX 2016-2018 9SP 4WD V6 3.5L F-DCT, K7A350, K7X350
RDX 2007-2013 5SP 4WD L4 2.3L BWEA
RDX 2010-2013 5SP FWD L4 2.3L BT3A
RDX 2012-2018 6SP FWD / RWD V6 3.0L 3.5L B8BA, B8CA
RDX 2018 10SP FWD / 4WD L4 2.0L XZXZ
RDX 2018 7SP 4WD L4 2.0L F-DCT, K7A350, K7X350
RL 200-2004 4SP FWD V6 3.5L M5DA
RL 2005-2013 5SP 4WD V6 3.5L 3.7L MJBA
RLX 2014-2016 6SP FWD V6 3.5L M9RA
RLX 2017-2018 10SP FWD V6 3.0L 3.5L XZXA
RLX HYBRID 2014-2018 7SP 4WD V6 3.5L MP9TF
RSX 2002-2006 5SP FWD L4 2.0L MRMA
SLX 1996-1999 4SP RWD V6 3.2L 3.5L 4L30E
TL 2004-2008 5SP FWD V6 3.2L BDGA
TL 2007-2011 5SP FWD / 4WD V6 3.5L 3.7L BK3A, BK4A
TL 2012-2016 6SP FWD / 4WD V6 3.5L 3.7L MMGA, MMHA
TL 2014-2018 8SP FWD L4 2.4L M4JA, MDSA
TL 2014-2018 9SP FWD / 4WD L4 2.0L 2.4L V6 3.5L 9HP48
TL 2018 7SP 4WD V6 3.5L F-DCT, K7A350, K7X350
TL TYPE S 2007-2008 5SP FWD V6 3.5L BDHA
TSX 2004-2008 5SP FWD L4 2.4L MCTA
TSX 2009-2010 5SP FWD L4 2.4L MM7A
TSX 2010-2014 5SP FWD V6 3.5L MM2A
TSX 2011-2014 5SP FWD L4 2.4L M8SA
VIGOR 1992-1994 4SP FWD L5 2.5L MPWA
ZDX 2010-2013 6SP 4WD V6 3.7L M7PA

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