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45RFE / 5-45RFE / 65RFE

45RFE / 5-45RFE / 65RFE

45RFE / C45RFE / 5-45RFE / 65RFE

45RFE - The 4-speed transmission was released in 1999 for the powerful 4.7L Jeep and Dodge Dakota pickup engines. Later, this gearbox was installed with 2.8L diesel engines. It has a 5-speed modification called 5-45RFE.

45RFE / C45RFE

Gears Transmission type
Drive Torque (Nm) Total ATF capacity ATF replacement
ATF type
4 AT RWD 11.0L 5.0L Mopar ATF+4

5-45RFE - The 5-speed gearbox is a modification of the 45RFE 4-speed gearbox. It was launched on the market in 2003. The "5" in front of the name means 5 gears, "45" means maximum torque, RFE means RWD / AWD drive. 45RFE and 5-45RFE differ only in TCM chip tuning. In 2001, an update of the TCM software was introduced, which included modified gear ratio algorithms and contributed to the appearance of the 5th gear. The added gear is not physical, therefore it does not have its own clutch package and planetary gear. In 2002 another update has been made to 4th and 5th gear, including reduced engine speed and reduced fuel consumption during long, high-speed driving. Next modernization in 2004. it concerned a new block of solenoid valves with a white connector, which was distinguished by quieter operation and greater durability compared to the set with a black connector.

65RFE - The 6-speed gearbox was launched in 2006. It provided smoother gear changes and reduced noise. The solenoids, controller and new computer settings were changed. It was installed in Dodge Durango, RAM 1500 and Grand Cherokee with V8 engines. This transmission has 6 forward gears in ERS (Electronic Range Select)/AutoStick Mode or kickdown mode. In normal operation, it uses the mechanism known from the 5-45RFE model.



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